Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Collection in action :)

 This is our Bella Tops in mustard. Ravishingly practical. Definitely a yayyy! :))

 Ahh.. Here's another one. Isn't she pwettaaayyyy? ;) To look modest yet stylish, wear your maxi dress with jacket. Easy breezy, girls

 Be creative to look stunningly different! You can pair our plain maxi dress with long cardigan.. just like her. And tadaaa!! You are set to go to any formal or informal events and will definitely be spotted in no time! Hurry and place your order now!

Our happy customer! :D Want to be gorgeous like her? Hurry! Place your maxi dresses orders! We'll entertain you ASAP. There's no price as cheap as ours! :DD
Oh by the way, she's 161cm height! :)

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